A Letter from the Renaissance

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review: the Double Soul
Caitlin Johnson

“In one thousand five hundred thirty-three I record that today 22 September I went to Santo Miniato al Tedesco to talk to Pope Clement who was going to Nice and on the same day Brother Sebastiano del Piombo left a horse of his for me.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564. Autograph letter fragment in the hand of Michelangelo, 1533.
UCLA Library Special Collections | Used by permission

Michelangelo’s string of words kept at the UCLA Library as a fragment of DNA rekindles the spirit of the time, the late Italian Renaissance, bringing to light historical figures and events, works of art, feats of arms and power. Faced with a thousand ex¬≠amples of the duality of the Renaissance soul, two artists, Ariel Soul√© and Simon Toparovsky, who have for years represented the double soul of art, combining painting and sculpture, interpret well-considered themes with contemporary works representing a logical connection between the idea of the world of the Renaissance and the contemporary world.

August 9 – December 17, 2010