Millennium Park

Millennium Park is set on a bluff overlooking the Lake in the center of a beautiful old community at the edge of Portland, Oregon. MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects (Seattle) had been commissioned to create the new park as a public living room and community plaza for the City of Lake Oswego. In 1999, Simon was awarded a Percent for Art commission to create a fountain sculpture at the entrance of the Park. This work led to a continuing collaborative project with MacLeod Reckord and the Arts Council of the City.

Toparovsky was invited by principle, Terry Reckord, to join their Park design team (which included an urban planner, lighting and water engineers, contractors and City representatives) to work to integrate more of his narrative sculpture with the plan. In 2007, with the success of the first phase of construction and the beginning of Phase Two, the Arts Council for the City designated Toparovsky the sole, permanent artist for Millennium Park. To date, there are 19 of his works in the Park. Three new cast bronze panels were commissioned for installation in 2012.